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I was a founder when I was 22 and a CEO when I was 32, and they were both incredible but lonely and difficult jobs. For a few months, I had the pleasure of a co-CEO - Another experienced leader who had aligned objectives but a different viewpoint. It was a gift. 

I now work with a small selection of founders and CEOs to provide the same mental clarity that having a co-CEO provided me. 

This is different than coaching or advising. It's collaborating. It's what I wish I could have had when I was in these positions. 

I typically work with clients in weekly two hour sessions on monthly rolling commitments and am accessible outside of sessions for ad-hoc advice. 

Why typically two hours? Because most CEO problems are nuanced and require deep dives on the details to find real solutions. However, we adjust the timing as needed. 

Similar to the job of founder or CEO, the work we do together is cross-functional. The focus is on tackling the biggest problems in your business today. 

Ultimately though, the goal of our work is to find solutions to core problems blocking fundamental value creation in your business.  

If you're interested to learn more and potentially work together, email me. 

FYI (because I probably wouldn't have emailed without some clarity on pricing) - Pricing is based on a sliding scale depending on funding stage and/or ARR of the business. 

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